I'm Marie Imoh, and I'd like your vote.

Fourteen years ago, when moving from Texas, my family chose Winchester based in large part upon the quality of the education system. We were not disappointed! As a parent of three students, I saw how dedicated our teachers are to their profession and their commitment to their students and families.

Over and over again, I saw teachers fostering positive social interactions between students of different backgrounds. I saw teachers skillfully delivering classroom instruction to meet the individual needs of every student. I learned about teachers staying long after the last bell, working with students who needed extra help. I heard from parents how teachers went the extra mile to engage with family members and discuss strategies to help students find a path to success. I also saw teachers and administrators develop programs to clothe, feed, and provide day to day necessities for students in need, knowing that until students’ basic needs are met, they will struggle to learn. As a result, advocacy for teachers and students became not only an area of interest but my passion.

I believe that ALL students, no matter their situation in life, deserve access to high-quality education.

Education is the foundation of a successful community, this includes the students, families, all citizens, businesses, houses of worship, organizations, and agencies – all of Winchester. When our schools and students are successful, we are all successful.

I clearly understand that teachers must be valued, empowered, and supported, in order for the learning experience for our students to be all that it should be.

In order for our entire division to thrive to the benefit of each and every student, we need a Board that is ready and able to make decisions based on best practices, good judgment, common sense, and personal integrity. In order to create effective solutions, our Board members must also understand the state laws, Board policy, and federal regulations that impact local issues.

Our community has high expectations. Our mission, “Learning for ALL whatever it takes,” is not a platitude; it reflects our heritage of commitment to the students. I am grateful to have been appointed by the Winchester City Council to the WPS School Board in 2015. It’s been an honor to build upon the outstanding work of so many who have served before me, yet I am committed to identify, collaborate, and make necessary change happen.

I ask for your vote so that I may continue to serve the families of Winchester.

Everyone deserves a level playing field, especially when it comes to education.

2015- Present

Winchester Public Schools Board Member

2013- Present

Winchester Dept. of Social Services Advisory Board

2017- Present

Co-Chair, Bright Futures Frederick/Winchester Advisory Board

2019- Present

Timbrook Achievement Center Steering Committee

2018- Present

Northern Shenandoah Valley Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families

2009- Present

Licensed Professional Counselor, National Counseling Group- Clinical Director

2011- Present

Girls Youth and Adult Ministries, Victory Church


AbbaCare Center


Killeen Volunteers Inc., Killeen Texas


Substitute Teacher, Killeen Independent School District, Killeen, Texas


United States Army, Worldwide Assignments

When our schools and students are successful, we are all successful.

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